The Choice is Yours! (Alternative for mobile devices) SLAVE SERMONS (Episode 39) “Black Sheep”

By http PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO! BEST SERIES ON YOUTUBE! I had to create an alternative song to “Endless Love” which is prohibited on mobile devices. Please view both versions. There were no people called “Hebrew” in 1300 BC, the so-called period of the “great exodus.” Blacks never called themselves “Jews.” The letter “J” is too new for such an old people. Religion to Blacks (even the so-called conscious) is like a drug and living life without it is just too frightening for most. There is usually a problem with trying to correct misinformation: Once people buy into a set of facts, they are unlikely to change their minds, even if presented with evidence to the contrary. Studies in psychology have shown that when people are presented with an absolute correction of misinformation, they tend to believe the myths even more fervently

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  1. exia78 says:

    Great video


    great video but…some of these black folks still wont get it, they are already washed and there is nothing we can do, we can provide full proof evidence in their face and yet they will still deny the facts given. fact is the bible is a myth none of the stories happened for real and they are plagiarized versions of ancient myths and legend, fact, we are not israelites nor muslims these are religions that enslaved us and continue to because we continue to believe in the bullshit stories smh

  3. lilcoco770007 says:

    Isrealite has the same results, (Fear, insanity, and worship of your enemy) just dipped in chocolate! Why would I want to be Jewish, when I have Afrikan blood in me!

  4. 516Elmwood says:

    hell of a people need to stop wanting to be jews.The bible is kindergarten science,mythology,and metaphoric astrology.It is our fault we take it seriously. freethoughthiphop,com

  5. ajayrads says:

    I love this one brother! Keep bringing that truth!

  6. Ms68iOWEuONE says:

    That waz awesome….homosexuals must’nt read duetronomy or jugdes

  7. moormagic1 says:

    Well, I got the message. I bet a child could get it too. Excellent video!

  8. ariespow says:

    Your vid made me think of Richard Pryor(RIP)acting as a whino on stage saying,”Yeah,I knew Jesusi told him,boy,don’t go down there f*ckin’ with them Jews without no money.”

  9. AVTRU1 says:

    I dont read the bible anymore nor do I believe in that crazy book it has not help me in any way in my life

  10. nuvuduguru says:

    Excellent video Mr. Camera! I too was once a be-LIE-ver in the Hebrew Israelite’s spin on the babble, eye mean bible, till my own research led me to it’s fallacies as well as it’s plagiarisms! HTP NTR, MAAT!

  11. lupaman100 says:

    Great Video Brotha!!!

  12. 12yash34 says:


  13. DNK4evr says:

    Damn dude, there was NO historical A-I or J! that’s the whole point of the video – all of these ‘gods’ and stories are plagiarized versions of Kemetian mythology – documented THOUSANDS of years BEFORE these people and their book came on the scene.

    you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink…in a well full of water only the fool is thirsty!

    ‘A black sheep is still a sheep’ – great line JC! keep smashing on em!

  14. mytwinsinmyheart says:

    wow I was just thinking the same thing 

  15. Wellnformedforever12 says:

    I don’t know why Black People believe in this FAKE ISREALITE teaching or Shitty teaching. This religion has Contaminated a lot of Black Men.

  16. nutty01 says:


  17. lilcoco770007 says:

    Spookism is our enemy! We must destroy it!

  18. camara714 says:

    You just don’t get it do you? You missed the entire message.

  19. oliverlaw02 says:

    Yaw was originally a African God that predates the existence of the uncivilized goat herding savages in the middle east belief system.

    The Canaanite God “EL” is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

  20. SoWhatsNew0 says:

    ALL religion is insane. Blacks do need to learn how to treat each other a lot better than what they do now.

  21. JaKKeBrOwN1 says:

    Very heavy and deep powerful Stuff, I have to agree back to ancient Egypt
    It is lol.. Thank’s for this uploaded video. Good upload

  22. Perry Bryant says:

    J, you’ve outdone yourself with this one

  23. mabuie says:

    Excellent. I just read Holy Lockdown. Great insight and truth.

  24. slurrrpee says:

    Great video. I had no clue Horus said ‘Im the way, the truth, the life’. Wow!

  25. Baffykoma says:


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