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Various sites running on Flash on a Nexus One.
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  1. shaquirt says:

    Judging from the lack of a Wireless cahrger displayed by motorola, it seams like this is a commercial referencing the Droid Razr Maxx which has a 3,300 mAh battery and about 21 hours of solid use (thats my conclusion)

  2. captivatation says:

    Why does motorola have the same video 3 times on the same channel?

  3. CityMarketingInc says:

    Well! Solar Energy Look Like… Tht will be great 🙂 ove the Idea.

  4. darkknight5905 says:

    Droid Razr Maxx ?

  5. mmartinianoo says:

    Wireless charging?

  6. Submanlex says:

    does this song have a name and a band or is it produced by motorola???

  7. Pedrochelli says:

    maybe powerabsorbation from wifi?

  8. NoobXPcc says:

    I laugh at how badly Motorola wants popularity… uploading the same ad three times already

  9. alexdex97 says:


  10. bingothewonderpony says:

    Fuck you Motorola

  11. seow187 says:

    I hope its better battery life so we don’t have to charge as much!

  12. luckymeeh2 says:

    It’s just going to be another PowerMat knockoff. Good work on innovation, MOTO. What’s next? A circular robot that can vacuum an entire floor?

  13. houseofkrazees96 says:

    well that charger is not gonna work anymore, someone got water in it

  14. Agl1432 says:

    It’s probably wireless charging…

  15. pjwheeler83 says:

    Dear Motorola, may I please receive the gift if full control over the fine device I have purchased from you? A friend of mine has a Droid that is not locked on Verizon. What about the rest of us that love your products but wish to #unlock the full potential of the device?

  16. theoneuhate says:

    looks like it has something to do with wireless charging. interesting

  17. jag28co says:

    is that how you gonna unlock the bootloader. doesn’t matter my next device will not be a MOTO

  18. NovaRift says:

    I like although I wish we had a little more info to go on but this could be revolutionary. I just wish I could have gone to CES instead of turning it down. Oh well maybe next year I can!

  19. foxsdaddy67 says:

    so you aren’t going to unlock bootloaders like you said?

  20. KwazzyNuts says:

    Soooo all I’m getting out of this is you’re all going to keep our phones locked…

  21. Kiter86 says:

    How about you unplug the computer of the person who makes bootloaders for your phones

  22. surferchaps says:

    Looks interesting, can’t wait to see what it does !

  23. israelshirk says:

    @ianonavy17 Skipping frames, killing your battery in a few minutes, crashing, etc… Flash is fine!

  24. sazid1980 says:

    how to get flash player for samsung wave gt s7230e

  25. flexindesign says:

    If you are missing Flash on your iDevice, I invite you to read my response to Steve Jobs’ Thought on Flash, just google “Thoughts on Apple, Flash developer responds to Steve Jobs’. You can also follow my Twitter ‘flexengineer’.

  26. CrazysoulProduction says:


  27. LauraMoser15 says:

    Can i get a flash player for lg optimus s? 

  28. gauravsoni156 says:

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  29. frinseedaka says:

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  30. dcsc1000 says:

    @IvashkaT flvtube(dot)net/12087

  31. dcsc1000 says:


  32. dcsc1000 says:


  33. safwan19 says:

    how long did it take to get flash 3 years after the iphone came out i wouldve went with html5.

  34. IvashkaT says:

    Замечательная поддержка! Я как дизайнер очень рад!

  35. ianonavy17 says:

    @bboyfantasy Give it a couple more months of development, and it will be more efficient. The only reason Flash isn’t doing spectacularly on mobile devices at the moment is that originally, Apple had the majority of mobile device market share and disallowed it. Now that the Android phones have Flash, the technology can be more fine-tuned to suit mobile devices.

    You can’t expect software under development to be perfect. Futthermore, I never argued that it would be perfect. Nothing really is.

  36. ifind2com says:

    I setup my Flash Player on my iPhone and iPad, downloaded it from BidsWOW.com Works great.

  37. ReneAlanisJr says:

    @mgaBobongNPA Aww look at you calling me names. You’re so cute. 

  38. mgaBobongNPA says:

    @ReneAlanisJr typical fanboy reasoning…. by the way…… if you dont want it in nexus one you can just disable it….. its better to have than to have not fanboy

  39. rahmanroni says:

    @insearchofsunrise100 HTML IS THE FUTURE……However, this is the now and its awesome.

  40. CRAKIZGOOD says:

    @ianonavy17 not to mention u can install frash now
    and i can watch newgrounds videos on my uncles ipad
    which was a waste of money

  41. ReneAlanisJr says:

    @ilovebball At least it’s better than those crippled browsers that most cell phones have. It’s a browser on a phone, it’s going to get slow sometimes.

    And I’d rather have little boxes with questions marks instead of choppy flash content that will eat up my battery, eat up my CPU and have pop-up messages saying it’s not optimized for mobile.

  42. ilovebball says:

    @ReneAlanisJr Its a far superior web experience to the iPhone. Surfing the web on the iPhone gives me a headache. The browser is slow and it doesn’t even render the entire page. Let alone the boxes with question marks.

  43. RanoNL says:

    And now a video without the poweradapter attached. Flash = draining batteries.

  44. Xyse says:

    @ReneAlanisJr Flash support for mobile device isn’t meant to replace the desktop experience FYI. Its for that additional support that allows your mobile phone to access basically 100% of the web content, I wont complain about slow or lag when I happen to NEED to access a flash site once in awhile.

    Plus the fact is, even though the phone supports flash, it would still view pages that are optimized for mobile as well as iPhone or any other mobile phones out there just the same.

  45. Stephenremington360 says:

    Um first with a question does the nexus one have flashplayer built in when you get it? And to the dude that thinks the droid is better than thee nexuss one yoou are a dumbass and you should just kll your self now

  46. ReneAlanisJr says:

    Look at this shit. The flash videos are choppy, they’re eating up the battery, and you keep getting pop up messages saying it’s not optimized for mobile LOL.

    Are you sure you want a good web experience? Because this is not a good web experience whatsoever.

  47. addielm says:

    this is legen wait for it dary!!
    high five

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