Q&A: Store raided and fined for displaying dangerous illegals?


Question by Eli: Store raided and fined for displaying dangerous illegals?
N.Y. pet store raided for exotic snakes
Authorities in New York’s Suffolk County have raided a pet
store and seized 19 illegal exotic snakes its owner had
used as promotional tools. Authorities seized two Burmese
pythons and 17 black racers from Michael Kotsonis’ Shirley
pet store Friday, and have begun an investigation into
his use of the snakes as display items, New York Newsday
reported. “The black racers are very, very dangerous
snakes,” said Suffolk Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals spokesman Ray Gross, adding that a
bite from the illegal snakes can cause serious infection.
Kotsonis not only was dealt a $ 250 fine by authorities
after the raid, but suffered a bite from one of his black
racer snakes while helping authorities remove the snakes
from his store, the newspaper said. The 25-year-old, who
took over control of the store in March said “It’s kind of good for

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Answer by buzzy360comecme
Expected nothing and got nothing

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  1. katsulover says:

    You are actually reporting on another unsavory form of illegal trade.This type of underground trade in exotic and at times dangerous animals ,is very prolific.Ignorant people that buy these animals etc for some sick kind of status symbols are extremely irresponsible.The parrots,monkeys,snakes,etc are treated without any regard to any humans standard because theses smugglers don’t care about any thing but the money.
    I know you were trying to be funny or cute with your analogy but in actuality its a serious health problem.

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