Q&A: Question about “My touch 4G” T-Mobile!!?


Question by brenda: Question about “My touch 4G” T-Mobile!!?
I just got this phone by T-Mobile on Saturday, it’s great so far…With ONE exception. For some reason I’m not able to download games. I’m not an expert at this so I can’t give as many details as i wish i could. But if you understand what I’m trying to say can you please help me out. I can tell you what I do though, but like I said, not with much detail.

I go to “All Programs”
Click on “Market” (it’s a white shopping bag with a green lady bug)
Then “Games”
“All Games”
Then obviously I go to “Top Free” lol
And well, I just look for a game that I like and go to IT and press “Install”
And it says game will be downloaded. but it never does.
Thank you to both of you that have taken your time to answer my question. But it hasn’t helped much, and thats OK. And trust me, I have waited…and waited..and waited and it just doesn’t work. I should’ve probably mentioned that before.

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Answer by hope_mclean
Well if u try that repetivly, and nothing happens ask your lolcal t mobile store!

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