Palm Pre Vs. iPhone 3G


TechnoBuffalo: Follow me on twitter: Putting the Palm Pre and the Apple Phone head to head. Thanks for watching, Jon

Here is a video tour of the new Palm Pixi. The video includes a look at the hardware, and the new Facebook application for webOS.

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  1. FunnyFlirtTalks says:

    It’s too old for the update.

  2. icekillez says:

    you can

  3. FunnyFlirtTalks says:

    Not on the 3G.

  4. razor7654 says:

    wrong u can multitask just double click the middle button and it shows all applications runing

  5. Droid5767 says:

    LOL compare the Iphone 5 to the iphone 4s…

  6. icekillez says:

    iphone 3g

  7. yelt321 says:

    I have a Pre3 and an Iphone 4,My verdict… GAVE MY iPHONE TO MY LIL SISTER… and kept my pre3 . 🙂

  8. derekouellette says:

    no my friend, it is you who are patently retarded.

  9. derekouellette says:

    your either drunk or a big bozo, because there’s no other excuse for that ridiculous comment.

  10. derekouellette says:

    … at its best, the Palm Pre sucks, just can’t touch the iPhone! I have owned my Palm Pre for about two years now and can say a few things: 1) you never really do get used to the little key board, so annoying. 2) My wife’s Palm Pre screen has been super glitchy. 3) Even in this video any critical bozo should be able to tell how SLOW it was, both in its responsiveness and in the time it takes to open apps and upload websites. Then there’s the battery life… or rather lack thereof… et cetera..

  11. Skessu says:

    in its crappines, even palm pre beats iphone


  12. CeeDeeWalk says:

    not for the 3g os that he had 2years ago genius.

  13. cabyambo says:

    after a week the pre lags too much and it gets extremely slow

  14. angel13526231 says:


  15. Enterprisesking says:

    ur a fucking retard if u think the pre sucks, WEBOS and the pre line of phones are the best mobile os and phones ever invented

  16. karlgamer22 says:

    LOL compare iphone 4s with the palm pre..

  17. RKOHBK457 says:

    Lol i had a Palm Pre… I had so many problems with it. It was the laggiest phone and it lacked 3g speed. I now have an iPhone 4s. No problems with it.

  18. looksthatkill1987 says:

    Ok first off I FUCKING hate the gay mother fucking palm pre haha it’s such a pussy phone only fags like them GAHHHHHHH I HATE THAT FUCKING PHONE IT’S SO UGLY , STUPID AND ONLY CRIPPLED RETARDS USE THEM

  19. doggyfish888 says:

    depends on what firmware it’s running on..

  20. WackoJackoLmfao says:

    You can on the Iphone…

  21. Pintopinata says:

    Samsung Galaxy s2

  22. vasilacheandrei says:

    iphone has multi tasking … click 2 times home button … -.-

  23. lilladyish says:


  24. myowncomputerstuff says:

    I call the iphone the phone for dummies. Not because stupid people use them ( i have an iphone 4 now) . But because it was the easiest to use phone i ever hadd! 🙂

  25. marfg12345 says:

    they can’t afford it, it’s the best phone in the world

  26. TheMitchOwen says:

    Ha, My Evo crashed out and I just ordered this phone on amazon as well. I get it tomorrow. I need it to hold me over for 8 months. Which, I think it will be able to do very well. between being new to webOS and all the homebrew activity around palm I think it will hold my interest.

  27. COLDdawg222 says:

    I want this phone

  28. AdniDarkbolt says:

    @musiczone48 exactly. Anytime I pick the phone up, it turns off. And then it takes 5 freaking mi.Utes to turn back on. The only good apps it has is angry birds. That’s it. No fruit ninjas nothing. Do NOT buy this P.O.S for ANYTHING

  29. AdniDarkbolt says:

    Ive had the palm pixie for like 2 years… and I practically have glue holding the thing together..
    Ive never dropped it, but yet its completely falling apart. The apps are VERY cheap as the product itself. Honestly, the only thing that the Palm Pixie is good for is texting. I absolutely love the testing on it. But that’s it

  30. MnMLRaDu says:

    Palm Pre is much better.

  31. 6235river says:

    i just got it today. i like it so far. i think it’s really cute. but idk why people think it’s bad.

  32. keithmnovak says:

    I don’t understand how that happened to you. I have this phone, got it for $40 on amazon. Works amazing for me. Broke my Droid X and bought this and I consider this an upgrade. Way better.

  33. mirandaodom says:

    nooooo u dont trust me!!! i have it and its soooo crappy!!! i hate it soooo much!!!

  34. mirandaodom says:

    i have it right now!!! and yes its soooo crapy!!! i hate it soooo bad but i have to deal with it cause i cant afford a better one right now:(

  35. TheMiaSim says:

    i have that phone when you start to use it its SO complicated

  36. musiczone48 says:

    I had to deal with this piece of sh*t phone for 2 years! DO NOT get this phone unless you want to deal with it turning on and off at random times or sending random texts to random people, or sucky apps. Don’t even get me started on the apps. So yeah if you know what’s good for you, DON’T get this phone.

  37. MikaylaMusicManiac says:

    how much is it

  38. lifeasshawn says:

    why does everyone hate this i have and iphone 3gs and a droid and this it is a good phone whats all your deals

  39. lifeasshawn says:

    why does everyone hate this i have and iphone 3gs and a droid and this it is a good phone whats all your deals

  40. sjbskejhhkh01 says:


  41. Shasha8999 says:

    Do u have to get a data plan for this phone?

  42. GeMon3y11 says:

    i love this fone wayyyyy better than the stupid htc hero

  43. 2346jonathan says:

    had that phone. HATED IT!

  44. janardo says:

    My phone doesn´t make any sound, just vibrates and I don´t know what to do to fix it…I can´t hear the ringtone when someone is calling me, any help???

  45. phantomct2007 says:

    i love my palm centro, but i do want this one, however there isn’t a stylus that comes with it, i used the stylus often especially playing those solitaire games when i have to wait forever at a doctors appt or the like………….

  46. uWillGetANAL says:

    Can this phone save pictures? like from the internet and stuff? if so How?!?!?!?

  47. xdarkon says:

    yep got a month ago exxelen phone

  48. AshleyKitty00 says:

    I have that phone.. it’s a piece of crap.

  49. rastallw says:

    I got one a month or so ago. I love my phone. You gotta get one.

  50. youkhanna1 says:

    i had this phone and believe me. it isnt all that good. mine broke when i dolphin dived in the movie theaters

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