Otterbox Armor Series Torture Test (iPhone 5)


SKIP TO 04:35 FOR THE TORTURE TESTS! I perform a series of torture tests on the iPhone 5 using the Otterbox Armor Series Case, including a water test, drop t…

Galaxy S4 versus iPhone 5: an in-depth Review! Which is better, Apple’s Phone 5 or Samsung’s all-new Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone? Fin…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Tyler Jennings says:

    very well spoken. good review

  2. camerica135 says:

    Gay fucker!

  3. Estonian777777 says:

    I hate rich kids

  4. nickykolkie op says:

    Someone who forgot to take their phone out of their pants maybe?

  5. Namdeerf01 says:

    this kid is so rich he literally chucks his phone out windows for fun.

  6. KrakedSoul says:

    accidental not intentional

  7. Gravitas37 says:

    Who the hell is gonna be stupid enough to put their iphone in a washing machine???

  8. 956Joeboy says:

    i dont want to sound rood but i facepalmed about 5 minutes in becuase i thought a girl was talking, like a adult in 20s.

  9. Christopher Allen says:

    @ 6:48

  10. matchboxlegocrazy122 says:

    How old are you???

  11. bottleneck69 says:

    Nice vid kid! Not gonna hate like alot of the rest of y’all. And no, I’m not rich btw.

  12. Bob Saget says:

    Suck dick!

  13. FrigmanProductions says:

    So I pretty much stopped after the dryer test because if it can survive that it’s pretty sturdy.

  14. ThatOneGuy6047 says:

    i thought you were a girl in the beginning 0.0

  15. Zydake654 says:

    The awkward moment when I thought it was a lesbian making the video to see a kid

  16. TheDatpussy says:

    Amazing! Cool house

  17. aSexyHamburger says:

    Now slam it on the ground as hard as you can.

  18. REXX98EXTREME says:

    I swear to god I thought he was a chick at the beginning of the video

  19. yoyo2598 says:

    Why is everyone hating on how old he is or how rich he is? These reviews are awesome and very well done. better then most

  20. yoyo2598 says:

    Little kids are (for the most part) irresponsible and drop their phones a lot so maybe that is a good thing to have these cases. but if your never going near the water this case may be overkill.

  21. LUCA bRILO says:

    At the beginning I thought this kid was a girl

  22. Dillon1108 says:

    The average person doesn’t need this case. This is mainly for construction workers and intense outdoor activities. I hate it when i see little kids at school with cases like these

  23. ForObviousReason says:

    On private property you can drive at any age. Public roads are the only nexus subject to road law. Technically, a five year old could rive around a mall parking lot as its owned privately by the mall.

  24. DisturbednDisrespect says:

    the case would be better if it had the latches on both sides

  25. hypr deathbylysol says:

    your like 14 why you driving

  26. volitiveclover says:

    This was not a fair comparison, galaxy came out 2 weeks ago. And iPhone 5 came out about 7 months ago…

  27. lucop rodriguez says:

    I suggest you get the Samsung Galaxy 4.. Just by my opinion the features surprised me

  28. DANIƎL CARKU says:

    Amazing video. I want the amazon gift card

  29. jwest0824 says:

    That was a great comparison between the two phones. I myself was anticipating the release of the Galaxy S4 and after watching this video makes me want it even more. This video was definitely a 5/5

  30. Andres Jimenez says:

    The Galaxy S4 is pretty cool..though I think I’d like octacore

  31. alex dobrescu says:

    Great job !and both of them are very good devices no matter of fans opinion.

  32. rsparrowk says:

    I’ve been using the iPhone for the last 4 years, every year upgrading. All my friends have Androids and are always pressing me to get rid of Apple and go to Android. I got the Galaxy S4 and I can tell you that it makes the iPhone 5 seem like it was made 10 years ago. The S4 is way ahead of any smart phone out to date. Apple would have to come out with something extreme for me to switch back. IMO

  33. Dude15164 says:

    both are awesome

  34. Emii Pelaez says:

    im due for an upgrade next week and i cant seem to decide between the galaxy s4 or the iphone 5. im coming from an iphone 4s btw

  35. MyChristy12 says:

    When the iphone 5 came out, I got it immediately, but after I got the note 2, because the iphone is still the same as the older iphones.

  36. iCrackUriDevice says:

    Thank you and thanks for watching! 

  37. iCrackUriDevice says:

    That doesn’t even make sense. 

  38. Thelionz9 says:

    iphone 5

  39. Conner Schulte says:

    samsung galaxy is the worst phone to hit the market since the invention of cell phones in the 80’s. Your opinion of the iPhone is invalid for it is the best thing since sliced bread

  40. TwoPercent90220 says:

    I don’t get how making folders for everything and a significantly more intricate hacking process make Android superior. I had 2 droids, a droid 3 and HTC Evo and I can honestly say I’ve had a better and easier time on my jailbroken iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S. I loved my androids obviously but they lacked in grace in far too many errors and were much too easy to fragment.

  41. StarFish Swift says:

    better* But I think you mean worse.

  42. ya6655 says:

    iphone is gay

  43. S Sher says:

    great comparison, good job

  44. Syed Farhan says:


  45. MrFireHabbo says:


  46. MrFireHabbo says:

    S4 is shit, IPhone is 100% Vetter

  47. leonard ramirez says:

    Good vid

  48. Jared Reabow says:

    Android users Just face the fact that android is Sub -par for todays expectations, Yes the hardware is ahead but its nothing to celebrate when a new android phone is released every 14 days compared to apples half a year, admittedly apple’s hardware is not revolutionary but it is the software that makes the hardware, and apples software gives more features before installing apps/tweaks, Before you guys say android doesn’t need to be “jailbroken” think again, most tweaks require a rooted phone.

  49. Jared Reabow says:

    hmm so i must go through and re-sort my 20GB of music to pick the songs i want, then i mus make a seperate folder for this music for the phone, and when i get music i should manually sort it.

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