iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test


www.squaretrade.com In this video, we test the iPhone 4S vs. the Samsung Galaxy S II to see which of these devices survives a waist high and shoulder high drop. PS We don’t cover intentional damage like you see in the video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. TheJoseph12321 says:

    You could’ve gave me that iPhone 4s…

  2. andi kaliqani says:

    lets all say OOOUUUU :p

  3. pspfanboy100 says:

    The iphone is like an F1 car…Fast and high in technology, but falls apart with the slightest bump.

  4. nitrospase says:

    Оу вау… Далбаебы!

  5. roni45ul says:

    iPhone suckss, samsung are the best phones *____*

  6. TheGreatVIMAL says:

    check video in youtube 😀 using nokia 800 as hammer with screen downwards

  7. iluvmgsheaps2 says:

    LOLOLOL u try it :D

  8. R3a5on says:

    Why always black

  9. cybenime says:

    those kids r IDIOTS!!! iPhone damaged the most because the screen is made out of glass..while samsung’s screen is made out of plastic…u cannot compare the durability based on the drop test since the materials r different…btw, im not defending iPhone…i’m just telling the truth so that the BITCHES can make common sense comparison in the future

  10. demitri6605 says:

    I watched the S3 vs 4S as well as this video, and had to say that the S2 is the best so far.

  11. MyAsdfghjkl101 says:

    NOKIA 3310 BEETCHAS!!!

  12. benanaofficial says:

    U just wasted u money.

  13. TheGreatVIMAL says:

    Try Lumia 800 -_- Nokia Rockz U can Drop From Plane too 😀

  14. Arollize says:

    Sumsung โหดเข้

  15. bachbababach says:

    ANDROID BITCHESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Adriane Chang says:

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  17. Adriane Chang says:

    Trial and keep an IPhon 4s from ily.cvz.me

  18. Adriane Chang says:

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  19. 199davin says:

    Hey I just watched this
    And this is crazy!
    You broke two phones but…
    One for me maybe?

  20. alessionucci says:

    YOU’RE CRAZY!!!!!!

  21. Adriane Chang says:

    Test and keep an iPone 4s at

  22. Adriane Chang says:

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  23. Adriane Chang says:

    Test and keep an i-phone 4s at ign.cvz.me

  24. Adriane Chang says:

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  25. Adriane Chang says:

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  26. xp135 says:

    super !!!
    Now I have my Iphone4S — you get an Iphone and you immediately become so cool

  27. TheSilverTails says:

    Why does everyone get the white one? am i the only person with a black one?

  28. sundar eshwaran says:

    @TheMaskSMoky, I just got my iPhone 4s and I am totally blown away. My MacBook pro is sitting in the corner and I haven not missed a beat 😉

    Glad I haven not bought it and got it For FREE, my cousin received his iPhone 4s for free too lol. The web address, if I remember correctly, was: iPhone4sGiveaway.info

  29. naurizofficiallv says:

    Bankrupt? They can buy a country with Apple budget.

  30. JasonRendall1 says:

    Great video , very informative . Many thank’s.

  31. Novelty2300 says:

    iphone will die in the next 5 years… Apple = bankrupt

  32. bachbababach says:


  33. TwinkleToesBros says:

    hahaha, your girlfriend would have her own custom vibration.
    Did you guys catch on to that

  34. schoelles1 says:

    iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone

  35. irisa roly says:

    Check the most hazardous sky adventure: Hazardous Balloon

  36. TheCrazy88tony says:

    thanks am using my i phone 4s now for my videos lol yuppp!! add me two ( thecrazy88tony ) its not just a game!! thanks cool videos thanks keep it up!! son!!!

  37. MrRonstunt says:

    man are you on speed… your talking is!

  38. max fewell says:

    that is the question…

  39. Xbox360fanboyer says:

    What a joke of phone, pathetic and horrible OS, and very limited, luckily Steve Jobs has died.

    Windows Phone Wins, long live Microsoft.

  40. c0wdyswa says:

    getting mine in 6days.

  41. allangee1873 says:

    Pretty sure this guy has uploaded this on fast forward. SLOW DOWN MAN !! thank god this ain’t got subtitles

  42. CalvinkleinChew says:

    ” I don’t meant you to shut up idiot!! ” HAHAHAH

  43. TheMsjan2010 says:

    2:14 HAHAHA “get milk… NOW!!”

  44. kurt1698 says:

    Will it blend?

  45. they0are0here says:

    It’s all repetitive. There is no ‘new innovative technology’. Apple just adds stuff they purposely did not add to the previous model just to get more sales. Just like the iPhone 4s. They could have easily gotten 4g LTE connection, but it does not and that is going to be one of the ‘golden features’ of the iPhone 5.

  46. AAXDrumFist says:


  47. ilovemesomechicken says:

    I just bought a bag full of poo mmmmmm this poo taste good, what? Why am I eating a bag of poo when I could have bought a slice of cake for less money? You are just poor and can not afford a delicious bag of poo.

  48. JamieLovesGirls19 says:

    What does comparison mean?

  49. manavrai92 says:

    no comparision..between them
    go for iphone…

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