HTC J Butterfly Superphone, Windows Phone 8, and More


Rumor Roundup: HTC J Butterfly Superphone, Windows Phone 8, and More Try Carbonite free for 2 months: (Coupon Code TECHNO) Jon R is back to tackle the biggest tech rumors of this week! The recently announced Asia-only HTC J Butterfly superphone appears to be making it’s way to the US – specifically Verizon under a different name. In other news, Microsoft is apparently gearing up to produce their own devices loaded with Windows Phone 8. And does the release of the iPad mini mean the death of the iPod Touch? All this and more in this episode of Roundup!
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  1. Ryan Simmons says:

    I hope the iPod touch isn’t reaching it’s end of life´╗┐ ­čÖü

  2. prez1999 says:

    HTCJ!!!!!!!!!!WoW amazing´╗┐

  3. Stan3298 says:

    HTC´╗┐ J has won me over. I need that phone.

  4. Oo5viper says:

    pause at 1:18

    next nexus??? :O´╗┐

  5. RICKYxxAKAxxZERO says:

    Fuck what should I get nuxus 4 or´╗┐ HTC j butterfly

  6. HARhar413XX says:

    I will avoid apple if they stop the iPod touch chain because it is currently the only apple product I like and use (with the´╗┐ exception of the normal 15′ MacBook Pro which is really expensive…).

  7. oOJakkeOo says:

    2:50 yeah let’s use my keys´╗┐ to operate my phone!

  8. Hassan Mulla says:

    Anybody know the UK estimated release for´╗┐ the HTC J Butterfly/DLX?´╗┐ I know US is Mid Novemeber

  9. Chriz7164 says:

    HTC Deluxe should´╗┐ be available for all carriers!!!

  10. 0194D says:

    So why do people do this on some of his videos? Is´╗┐ it to skip to the parts about Apple products?

  11. SicKFrenzY7 says:

    IPhone/iPod touch´╗┐ 200$
    IPod nano 150$
    IPod shuffle 50$
    IPad 3 500$
    IPad mini 280$

  12. lichcammando says:

    no if microsoft makes a computer there´╗┐ going to hack into apple and put mac os x mountain lion on it

  13. lichcammando says:


  14. earthelementair says:

    @ypnkjca Yup this site is just sending out comletely free Black Apple iPads for today only. But you have´╗┐ to be living in the U.S though but it’s all real, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Get in quick!

  15. iChrisK0338 says:

    It’s called Bike Baron. I have an S3 and it’s only on iOS, sadly. I hope it comes´╗┐ to Android.

  16. iChrisK0338 says:

    He’s not with TechnoBuffalo anymore, if´╗┐ I remember right.

  17. cooldude81198 says:

    Where’s Noah´╗┐ Kravitz

  18. Peter Blanco says:

    What game is´╗┐ at 2:10?

  19. DavidH373 says:

    If the iPod touch dropped in price $50 people would buy it. That’s where the current iPod touch sits. I’d be more interested in an iPod Touch as a kid, or a person that didn’t want a phone contract´╗┐ but wanted an Apple device in their pocket. There really is no product like it on the market,. It’s an iOS device that fits in your pocket, has all the smart features of the iPhone 5 and most of the processing power.

  20. MrJoker739 says:


  21. AdamGibson01 says:


  22. AdamGibson01 says:

    Nexus 4 all the way!´╗┐ Can’t wait to get mine ­čśÇ

  23. Joey Raizo says:

    Tight´╗┐ tight tight!

  24. Joey Raizo says:

    Breaking´╗┐ Bad

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