Heineken Star Player BuzzmaniaTV (Creative Mobile Marketing Campaign)


Heineken recognized that many people access their mobiles while watching TV and developed a great mobile game off the back of this, with a real-time game around the Champions League. StarPlayer is a mobile game that was developed to allow fans to interact in real-time, as the game reacted to what was happening in the actual game. Users could only unlock a game about 10 minutes before the actual UEFA game started and then had to answer a series of questions based on the real-time game play. The questions were predictive, asking fans about action in the game such as corner kicks or whether an attempt on goal was going to go in. It was certainly a risky strategy, as you faced the possibility of the mobile game going down during the actual game, but this paid off for Heineken. The Starplayer game was also playable through their Facebook Page —
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