Ghana: Mobile Technology for Global Health


In Ghana, the Grameen Foundation is using mobile applications to improve the quality of maternal health and childcare. With the MOTECH Mobile Midwife program…
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Dan Holevoet, Christina Ilvento Mobile application development is growing at explosive rates and the best of those applications have a backend server. Find o…

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  1. MrZyzzthetic says:

    the love of my left went to ghana to teach english

  2. TheSquirrel8485 says:


  3. ASquidWithC4 says:

    Nobody cares you moron…

  4. CBMaster2 says:

    first whats up bill

  5. Zeni Priastuti says:

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  6. TheAppCode2 says:

    Google seems to be ahead of the game when it comes to Mobile apps. I hope you guys come with a mobile app to develop mobile apps. That’ll be cool.

  7. Kasisnu Singh says:

    did you get it?

  8. Benhard Gooflee says:

    awesome girl 😀

  9. kidabek says:


  10. 360Technosoft says:

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  11. Santiago del Puerto says:


  12. Christopher Markov says:

    Anyone have the code of this app anywhere? Please publish it!

  13. Santiago del Puerto says:

    could you publish the source code please?
    or send it to me, im a student developing an android-app engine project
    thanks in advance!

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  15. Cuong Thai says:

    Thank you! 

  16. Penk Zhou says:

    mark. I need some kind of video like this.

  17. melbournedesign says:

    Have you looked at PhoneGap?

    There’s also a thing called tiggzi. You can build a part native and part web app for windows phone. Then use a Rest api to push data back and forth from the phone.

    I’m not a developer so forgive my ignorance, if I’m way off on what I suggested.

    Hope it helps

  18. Chaosmakerrr says:

    Really good talk ! Thumbs up!

  19. daralaujam says:

    Way using apple OS Dives way not use different Os tis Shem in google using

  20. lanceseidman says:

    Lot of work to make those Apps. Windows world nowhere near that, it is sort of discouraging but I am going to try. I wish C# was accepted.

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