Get to know the HTC EVO 4G LTE


Go behind the scenes and take a look at the evolving HTC EVO family, and its latest member – the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Learn more about it, here: bit.ly

shop.htcpedia.com?campaign_id=12 In this video I show you how to take apart the HTC One X all the way to the screen which would be helpful if you broke your screen and would like to change it yourself. The battery is another main thing that may need to be changed down the road and there are rumors that replacement or bigger batteries for the HTC One X may be in the works. Getting the replacement screen and the replacement LCD would be smart all of which you can find on ebay. http
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  1. mg1394 says:

    WO WO WO… Was I the only one who notice a possible HTC EVO 4G LTE 3D??????
    LOOK at 0:22 to 0:26 does anyone sees the last phone?

    When will they plan out to release it? My guess is that they will keep the cameras
    at 5 Megapixels each. -_- But it looks really nice.

    I also noticed in that section [0:22 – 0:26] an EVO like the 4G LTE with no
    Kick Stand… A possible (simple) version maybe.. humm.. HTC playing with our
    minds.. LIKE IT! LOL ^_^

  2. Brayan Alfaro says:


  3. xD0P3B0iFR35Hx says:

    Really want this phone. Hopefully their will be a white colorway with all the soft touch parts being (white) and keeping the (black) shiny parts….that’ll be sweet!!!

  4. RcRABS says:

    That’s what I want in my pocket! Well said!

  5. AKAMustang says:

    God damn it Jens, no-one gives a flying monkeys about having a kick stand, hell the only reason this is interesting is because some plonker decided it would be a good idea to remove the SD card slot from the otherwise sexy One X.

  6. iMstrKrft says:

    Just got it today 😀

  7. acaftermath says:

    Very professionally built.

  8. SamCruz747 says:

    We are not all i-sheep.

  9. dwaynekilbourne says:

    Coming to a Sprint store near you tomorrow morning (Saturday, June 2, 2012)!

  10. jrighteous1984 says:

    Sexy ass phone ! Can’t wait to get it on Sat !

  11. juniorx389 says:

    Hell yea getting my evo tomorrow fuk Wat ya say is a gud fone

  12. TEAMGREYCSS says:

    Back in the old days, in 2010, the htc trophy had the same material on the back 🙂

  13. tigertz11 says:

    0:25 is that an evo 4g lte 3d? holy shit that name would suck

  14. KickDownDoors says:

    Gorilla Glass patent lease from Corning

  15. MysteriousStealthMan says:

    nope. tired of people like you. I don’t even use htc.

  16. 808jspekeg6 says:

    What’s a matter? Are you butt-hurt over your precious inferior HTC mobile?

  17. patricksasu says:

    Asthetics are ok but the performance is what im after.

  18. iMstrKrft says:

    It’s not even that serious. The iPhone 3G and 3GS has the same glossy back and everyone loved it.

  19. wong830 says:

    that shiny top backplate…… oh god why???? I totally agree with the whole soft touch feel on the bottom as they emphasized, then they just go and ruin the top part. That section is disgusting in person too since it’s such a smudge and oil magnet and will show scratches easy. I hope they sell replaceable top backplates to replace the disaster that it is.

  20. Ghenjiskhan says:

    Anyone know what you have to setup before pressing Camera button will go straight into camera mode from standby? There are a few videos of people doing it yet when I click on my button it does nothing…Wondering if that was removed before the phone was released or is that something thats setup?

  21. suriellel says:

    Email Me At stepseven777@gmail.com

  22. suriellel says:

    Create htc voice, 2 also help control front facing camera options.

  23. MysteriousStealthMan says:

    wtf? Samsung comment on HTC video? GTFO samsung fans.

  24. SONYPS31000 says:

    By doing this , it is possible to put another battery that is more mah but stock sized?

  25. slickooz says:

    Thanks, only way to find out lcd screen is crack is by removing glass? I’m not really sure how bad the damage is.

  26. htcpedians says:

    You should be able to do it.

  27. MatchedANDY says:

    I have a black one x. If I buy a white back. Can I change it without any issues?

  28. pitbull64 says:

    Quick question. Is the battery a lithium battery or a standard nickel metal hydride or some variant there of?

  29. htcpedians says:

    It turns on but it is was still cracked. I want it perfect when I put it back together.

    If your LCD is fine and you can safely remove it from the broken screen then just buy the screen but if you can not, get the set, its cheaper.

  30. slickooz says:

    From your website, the photo you provided showed that the lcd does turn on. Why did you need to replace the LCD screen? I recently dropped mine and the screen turns on, do i just need to buy the screen? or I need lcd and glass screen? Thanks

  31. htcpedians says:

    Another idiot that did not watch the whole video. I said that the LCD is broken. Plus we do not sell the replacement screens or the LCD’s. So how are we ripping people off by showing them how to do this. You are an idiot, plain and simple.

  32. celmkvist says:

    The LCD is broken in pieces, the digitizer and LCD cant be seperated! look at the lc, its gray, the half of the lcd is still on the old digitizer..

    ripping people of

  33. htcpedians says:

    What is fake about this? People like you should climb out of your mommies basement and get a life. People like you are pathetic.

  34. celmkvist says:

    What a fake video! newbie!

  35. htcpedians says:

    Read the comments. Your late to the conversation, plus if you watched the whole video and listened to what I said then you would know why it looked like that.

  36. MrAtoob says:

    The screen replacement is silver the broken one was black so it  wouldnt work when all back together

  37. Vauxdracanis says:

    Yeah, the hardest part of this is taking the glass and the lcd apart. I ended up pealing the lcd apart while separating.the two.I suggest paying the extra money for a complete glass and lcd and replace it that way. you will save time and pain.

  38. htcpedians says:

    That sounds like a warranty issue. Just return it for a new one.

  39. TheDumpyHD says:

    HTCPEDIAN.. my HTC screen wont just turn on, i hear te sounds and i hear when people call me but i cant see anything, and my screen aint even broken, just a little scratch.. any suggestions?

  40. bistrov76 says:

    tough job………

  41. bucsTILLdeath says:

    Man…..I really hope I never break my screen. Damn all that to hell!

  42. somberslayer says:

    If you can get the LCD screen off of the digitizer without breaking it. Yes you can keep it. But they are held together with an adhesive and when I was trying to change mine the LCD screen broke while I was taking them apart.

  43. XXB4XX says:

    I’ve been waiting for this video! thanks you for this, pure legendary work.

  44. DrAnGeR14 says:

    i havent broke my lcd screen just the glass on the right top.can i keep the screen and change the glass?

  45. somberslayer says:

    The replacement digitizer is clear. The LCD screen itself has a dark covering on it. When he took the original digitizer apart from the original LCD the dark covering came off with it, and was stuck to the old digitizer

  46. htcpedians says:

    Maybe, but do not get the LCD to hot. Great idea.

  47. joesavnew says:

    I was on the edge of my seat**

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