Does indexing a mobile website create a duplicate content issues?


More tips for helping Google to index your mobile site: Does index…
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  1. Akshaya Kumar Behera says:

    Thankful to you for providing this information..

  2. CollectifWeb says:

    Merci pour ces explications bien claires à propos du duplicate content et des sites mobile 🙂

  3. grossbusterscc says:

    What if you redirect mobile visitors to your site based on screen size?…For example, let’s say you redirect visitors with a screen size of 699 or less to a mobile version of your main site. Does Googlebot Mobile/Googlebot recognize this as a mobile redirect, and if so, do the respective bots see the page that they’re supposed to see?

  4. russologia says:

    CMS with Responsive Web Design

  5. mettalove says:

    What does that mean to serve up? And Do I also need to canonicolize the links from my sub domain m. to my main url?

  6. Anthony Browne says:

    Good video. For mobile development go to digitapmedia . com

  7. Steve Cleaves says:

    I like the Hand Gesture in regards to hitting home on the content cloaking issues… me in paticular I like to sites mobile then a regular

  8. MarcieSarratt says:

    Put your business on every mobile phone by creating a Mobile Website designed just for your business. With MoMetro’s Mobile website, you can connect with your customers, you can engage them by one touch calling & Google maps and you can convert them by Mobile Appointments and Reservations visit mobilewebsitecom

  9. agapitoflores001 says:

    I really admire Google for having this kind of video presentations to accommodate a particular service related issue.

  10. niwanasod says:

    nice video

  11. ntechndu says:

    I am really very thankful to you for providing this information. If Google crawlers will automatically identify the user platform, then it will be easier for us to provide content for both and testing will be done in a lot better way.

  12. Aivars Priedītis says:

    Thanks for the Tip. 🙂

  13. cici254 says:

    Hearing “Todays question comes from…” relaxes me…

  14. David Hadley says:

    Nice to see some SEO videos, I miss them!

  15. curtis says:

    When you check the status of GA, you can tell it that the domain is set to support supdomains and it will give you a new code output.

  16. rustybrick says:

    Just be careful. From what I understand, Google does not classify an iPhone/Android mobile template as a mobile site. You should only serve Google Mobilebot content designed for old fashion phones. Because the index you get when searching on a smart phone is different then what you get when searching on an old nokia phone.

  17. jonathan becker says:

    Can’t wait to build myself a mobile site now. I could see using a subdomain for the mobile site possibly causing some cross domain tracking issues in GA though.

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