Cracklin Rosie on a Whole Lotta Mobile Phones


Who said iPhone OS, Android and Windows Mobile don’t play well together? This is a free interpretation of Cracklin Rosie, played on 2 Android devices, 2 Windows Mobile devices and 1 iPod Touch. the Piano and Drum sequencers are written by me, Pocket Stombox is used for the real time effects and the main instruments are the fantastic iShred and Guitar apps by Frontierdesign. More info on blog.stef.be

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  1. nycpd75 says:

    @bangulo2012 hahahahahahha yeah 😛 i hate those iphones, crackberries and touch screeen phones i just love the buttons 😛 so i have a nokia 3310 an an nnokia 73N 😛 both unbreakable

  2. bangulo2012 says:

    @nycpd75 cus he wasted all his money on shity phones

  3. SkillfulSwordsman says:

    @THEJACOBLINCE: Can you play Angry Birds on your guitar? CAN YOU???!! 😀

  4. dapor666 says:

    i can do better

  5. alegzandur says:

    that’s whole lotta of phones

  6. kjedlnabb says:

    You can buy a guitar for the price of the apps alone :p

  7. tristansadtooth says:

    Now do it in one phone!!

  8. 9444555555 says:

    Nice one!


    @nycpd75 also a good question 🙂

  10. nycpd75 says:


  11. Acez247 says:

    great work

  12. mrb3n says:

    OMFG! :-O


    Why doesnt he just buy a fucking guitar????

  14. masteircheef says:

    @helpnogatsa who are you and how do you know of my joke!? lol

  15. bernudysbrasileiro says:

    Chuck Norris does this sideways.

  16. helpnogatsa says:


  17. weious says:

    How long did you practise? It can’t be easy to play an mobile-phone that well… guitar with one hand and so on…

  18. GuitarPlayer4Life1 says:

    That was pretty amazing. Fantastic job!

  19. XxRaddictionxX says:

    @THESEXYDRUMMERMATT Enough to tape five phones together and play a song.

  20. steffest says:

    @janeck123 as stated in the description: the main instruments are the fantastic iShred and Guitar apps by Frontierdesign.

  21. ionicapeste69 says:

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  22. janeck123 says:

    what app are you using as guitar ? please reply!

  23. babolatXD says:

    jaw droping _ _

  24. 14wafflesandpancakes says:

    haha this is the only one i know by Van Morrison 🙂 is that you singing? and do you own a real guitar?

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