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is this article supply or demand?

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Question by : is this Article supply or demand?
Microsoft Updates Mobile Presence With AT&T
Agustino Fontevecchia, 10.11.10, 02:55 PM EDT
Software firm unveils Windows Phone 7 operating system, related devices.

In what appears to be a major strategic step by Microsoft, the software giant CEO Steve Balmmer announced a partnership with AT&T to run their new operating system, Windows Phone 7, on their network, as he showed off nine new smartphones that will carry the software.

“The windows phone redefines the game,” said Ballmer at the official presentation Monday in New York. Nine phones were presented which would run mainly on AT&T ( T – news – people )’s mobile network, with some running on Deustche Telekom’s T-mobile network; they are expected to be priced at $ 199.99 with a two-year contract.
Windows Phone 7 is the culmination of an overhaul in Microsoft ( MSFT – news – people )’s mobile business, as Andy Lees, who joined the software company in 2008 and was named president of mobile business two weeks ago, helped to revitalize the department.

Microsoft has been a laggard in the mobile market, with Windows Mobile, their older operating system, accounting for just 5% of the worldwide market, as opposed to the 41% held by Symbian, which runs on Nokia ( NOK – news – people ) phones, 18% for RIM ( RIMM – news – people )’s BlackBerry’s, 17% for Google ( GOOG – news – people )’s Android , and 14% for Apple ( AAPL – news – people )’s iPhone, according to research firm Gartner.

The new operating system seeks to differentiate itself from its competitors, namely Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android operating system, which has become the top selling smartphone system in the U.S.. “Live tiles,” instead of applications, guide the interface, informing users of Facebook updates or showing the album cover of the song being played. Microsoft will integrate its Vuze music software, in part the inspiration for Windows Phone 7’s interface, to the operating system, while AT&T will fuse its U-Verse mobile TV service to the phones.

The new operating system will allow users to use Microsoft Office and coordinate easily with PCs, it will also allow users to connect to Xbox live, Microsoft’s online gaming community; AT&T will offer U-Verse subscriptions for the Xbox live users as well.

Microsoft has lined up 60 carriers in more than 30 countries, and expects to release the phones by October 21 in Europe and November 8 in the U.S. Microsoft’s deal with AT&T comes amid recent reports that Apple is developing an iPhone to be carried on Verizon ( VZ – news – people ) Wireless starting in 2011, and will end the device’s exclusivity with AT&T.

The markets accepted the deal, with Microsoft’s shares up $ 0.05 or 0.2% to $ 24.62 and AT&T’s stock up $ 0.08 or 0.3% to $ 28.30. Monday, a slow day for the markets due to the Columbus Day Holiday, saw investors unworried about the effects of the deal on Verizon, with its shares up $ 0.14 or 0.4% to $ 32.97.

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In my opinion, supply.

Trying to boost their sales.

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Mobifusion, Inc. Signs Worldwide Sales and Distribution Deal with Raspberry Software Limited

Freemont, Calif. (PRWEB) February 6, 2007

Mobifusion, Inc., a global developer, publisher and distributor of mobile applications and technologies, announced today that it has begun selling UK-based Raspberry Software Limited’s award-winning True Connect Pro, the first in a line of products to be offered from Mobifusion as part of the new sales and distribution agreement between the two companies.

“Raspberry Software’s True Connect represents a strategic opportunity for Mobifusion to bring award-winning products for handheld devices to market, making the Pocket PC or Smartphone consumer experience more satisfying and efficient,” said Pavan Mandhani, founder and CEO of Mobifusion.

True Connect is a unique product that allows mobile content users to use the mouse and keyboard of their PC to directly control the applications and data loaded on their handheld device. Control is initiated by simply moving the mouse cursor off the PC monitor, onto the connected mobile device screen, the same way a PC is operated.

According to Simon Hopper, director at Raspberry Software, True Connect users will be able to initiate hands-free calls, cut and paste text between their handheld device and the PC, and configure the device, just by using a PC mouse and keyboard. “Many Smartphone owners are a bit intimidated by all the new features and menus and are looking for ways to simplify the use of their device. True Connect makes it easy for them to enjoy their Smartphone features with the comfort of a PC interface and access, thereby gaining more from their investment in their Windows Mobile device,” said Hopper noting the product is even Microsoft Mobile2Market certified.

True Connect Pro retails for $ 29.99 and a Lite version for $ 14.99 is also available. For the month of February, True Connect will be available exclusively from Motricity at, and While terms of the deal were not disclosed, Mandhani said that additional Raspberry Software products will become available throughout the year.

About Raspberry Software

Raspberry Software Limited is a company dedicated to implementing the best end-user and business focused products on the Windows Mobile platform. The company was formed in Ipswich, UK, in July 2004. For more information please visit

About Mobifusion

A pioneer in the emerging world of mobile media, Mobifusion provides cellular operators and carriers, publishers and content providers with a rich new channel for customer acquisition and loyalty, and service upsells. Mobifusion is led by an executive team with backgrounds in publishing, mobile marketing and software development. Mobifusion products are sold through wireless carriers and online retailers. For more information, visit



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