Can I use a Tracfone with Ford Fiesta SYNC?


Question by lorddonk: Can I use a Tracfone with Ford Fiesta SYNC?
Tracfone has been the most logical choice for me since I always want to carry a cellphone but don’t make a lot of calls or texts. I recently got a new Ford Fiesta with the SYNC hands free system and I know my current phone will not work, but if I purchase a new one that advertises “bluetooth” will it work with SYNC?

It would be best if I could get answers from people who actually use Tracfones and SYNC so that I could learn what model(s) will work as well.

As far as I could tell, no Tracfones were listed on the SYNC Compatibility chart (whether they don’t work, or that it isn’t a big enough company for Ford to test their phones with it).

Will there be any limits to what I can do with SYNC with it? (Ex: Only calling functions?) And will it constantly drain minutes or only take a few when it needs to connect to do something?

Thank you so much for any replies!

Best answer:

Answer by smapalicious
Probably not if the Tracphone is not on the compatibility list. I have a Samsung Behold with T-Mobile and recently rented a car that had the SYNC system and it wouldn’t work with my phone, even thought the phone is Bluetooth compatible.

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