Business Insider’s 100 Best Mobile Apps


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Wayne Pan Learn how to build a business on mobile apps so you can quit your day job. Walk away with an understanding of app business basics and how to use house ads for app promotion, mediation to optimize in-app advertising revenues and analytics to measure real ROI.

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  1. TheSkt1413 says:

    can’t believe this works! WATCH THIS!!!!!! free $25 glitch!

  2. Jaxson singleton says:

    @peachywink1 ,,plague inc is awesome

  3. Sam Hughes says:

    Plague inc is on android now 🙂 

  4. 32deej says:

    guild wars 2 on my laptop
    ^application……..^mobile device

  5. 32deej says:

    “kinda afraid to try that game” when i first heard about plague from steve himself…

  6. Shubhangi Verma says:

    list is huge

  7. JDRayVidProductions says:

    I would say that my favorite apps would have to be Timmyme, Dragonvale, and Fancy Pants Adventures.

  8. Deck veck Forfin says:

    Infinity bkade dungeons will come out soon. Does any1 know wen?

  9. Gillian Adair says:

    I played Plaque before it was cool.

  10. DarkSigiles says:

    If it’s anything like Pandemic II then fuck Madagascar..

  11. slappyshade says:

    You have twenty minutes to talk about them

  12. taylor0367 says:

    I searched for cloudon in the app store and it says there are no results

  13. Sarah Bailey says:

    i play plague everyday. It is so legit

  14. TheMattDOOM says:


  15. TheTeRiinis says:

    This is Awesomely The Place To Check REVIEWS on MOBILE APPS…you talk fast

  16. MrThatcanadianguy says:

    oh ok thank you! …. not long enough!!!!!

  17. Henrique Silva says:

    one that is missing is bloon tower defense

  18. Hans swenson says:

    What is that radio app? Two in?

  19. C0rnmonster says:

    Minecraft pe

  20. OwlCityFan26 says:

    I once spent 2 hours straight playing Tetris…

  21. vinnieoliva88 says:

    Can u make ur back round not white…very bad for vision like mine… love ur vid though

  22. kotovrawr says:

    “”you should….stop being dead. “” hahahah

  23. DGWINNING says:

    plague inc is awesome

  24. Taki488 says:

    Plaque inc. sounds like Pandemic 2 from crazymonkeygames. addicted to that when im on the comp

  25. rebalalliance712 says:

    SoundHound is cool.

  26. StaxxMedia says:

    start with Eclipse C++ or Visual C++ both are free to download. Make sure you look up some vids to show you how to install… Also download the appropriate SDK’s for what ever platform your creating apps for… This is developer stuff, We Do The Hard Shit!!!!

  27. SimplyMeCuteAsCanBe says:

    What can you use to make the app first? I just have a basic acer laptop

  28. krumaji says:

    Isn’t that the core attribute of us (nerds)?

  29. gg4y says:

    any resource or exmpale of biz showing which revenue model is better related to type of app ?

  30. gg4y says:

    anything which such details metrics also for iOS ?
    we are a startup and should decide which oplatform to develop for as first.
    i read months ago (forgto the sorce) 10% of android market users have credit card, while apple users 90%. this call for different monetizing strategy. anybody know if it is possible to market and monetize same app with different revenue model on iOS and Android?

  31. LetsSpotIt says:

    ecpm = revenue / request x 1000, rpm = revenue / impressions x 1000. recently i get around 50% filtrate and my rpm is only half of my ecpm.

  32. joaopaulocataldi says:

    most of these guys are shy 😀

  33. ZabaMobile says:

    I wish the cost per click was somewhere near their example….

  34. gunnarMyTube says:

    The presenter does a good job with this. A person interested in the topic will find this talk fully interesting. Others begin focusing on whatever flaw they see in a presenter while the real issue can be they are not interested in the topic. The advertising system and analytics available to the publisher is rich and impressive. Wayne gave valuable comments in the Q&A.

  35. ThisToolsWeAllNeed says:

    Kill that surveys with SHARECASHKILLER(.)TK ! ..remove the “(” and “)” from the site link finally one that works

  36. Tech Dutta says:

    Looking Like ..To Shy to talk 😛

  37. Michael Collins says:

    “all of a sudden, the iphone happened”. with its 2G, despite 3G being around for years

  38. MarkOates2 says:

    6:08 “They come across an ad that’s relevant to them, or they want to check out.”

    That’s funny because those two NEVER HAPPEN.

  39. Marc Stephan Nkouly says:

    wahouh that’s really interresting, but for us in africa we nned to look for hardware mannufacturers who will provide machine’s for the Bop.

  40. DemonKingMMA says:

    Don’t just build a business….Build an Empire!

  41. racdyn says:

    why does he use iPhone for house ads example ? i Thought he’s showing Android apps …..

  42. Djallal Khennouf says:

    why does it look like this video was taken in the 90s!

  43. Sathish A R says:

    good one

  44. James Foster says:

    Skip ahead to 2:30.

  45. Ntandwenhle Desmond Nzuza says:

    nice one.. a bit shy though

  46. zaroli4 says:

    Nice presentation!

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