BlackBerry Z10 vs Samsung Galaxy S III


The new BlackBerry broke cover right before our eyes in Canada last week, and you said “show us the software!” So we did. You said “show us the hardware!” We did that, too. You wanted to know our first impressions. We gave them to you. You wanted to see it do battle with Windows Phone 8. We granted your wish – twice. You asked how it compared to Android. We answered your question with a Note II. And now it’s time to answer it again – this time, with the reigning king of the Android smartphone landscape, the super-popular Galaxy S III. We know you’d like a BlackBerry-to-stock-Android comparison, folks, but our company Nexus 4 is on assignment deep in the bowels of our Pennsylvania headquarters. We’ve tried to confine the comparison to traits common to all versions of Android, though, so TouchWiz or no, we assure you this video is worth your time. Dive on in to see these platforms do battle in terms of hardware, interface, multitasking, ecosystems, and cameras, and stay tuned for much more coverage as we continue our in-depth exploration of the newest hotness out of Waterloo! Subscribe: www.youtube.com About us: PocketnowVideo is the official YouTube channel of Pocketnow.com. We feature Android, iOS, and Windows Phone news, reviews, unboxings, opinion pieces, and tons of awesome comparisons. If you love mobile as much as we do, be sure to subscribe! Follow us: twitter.com facebook.com google.com Follow Michael: twitter.com

Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are called in to pitch their ideas for Samsung’s Big Game ad for The Next Big Thing, but they run into some hurdles. Follow #TheNextBigThing on Twitter and see what unfolds at www.facebook.com

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  1. Razi Sulaiman says:

    Smart phones both (Samsung and Apple) is in the market for quite a long time. But Blackberry smart phone is new in the market. I think the way Apple and Samsung have come up with their improved versions over a period of time i think people should wait and give some time to Blackberry for its improved version. What say guys…!!

  2. Aditt Fehh says:

    bb or ipone? another iponr design, sucks

  3. Caliifero says:

    iPhone 5’s rear camera beats anything else. Takes such amazing pictures.

  4. Caliifero says:

    Who really cares about the front facing camera. iPhone’s camera beats the BlackBerry and Galaxy S3 hands down.

  5. MrFallen1ne says:

    @Robert Aga of course I sideload all the time why do you ask? is my phone rooted yes am I running a custom rom no. why because I have hacked the s voice to work flawlessly on my sgsx2 and it is designed to work with Samsungs native text messaging, music app so on so forth it does work on custom roms but basically for Web related searching info it will error out otherwise. I know this because I had svoice on my old gti9000 running cm9 and these are things I came to know from experience.

  6. Juan Sebastian Amador says:

    Megapixels are not everything.

  7. lucc19 says:

    yup, best OS

  8. Mustafa SH says:

    BB sucks but i want it 😀
    i have Siii

  9. loot4199 says:

    iPhone>every other phone 

  10. Danny Zecevic says:

    z10 runs qnx does it not?

  11. Ali Hallal says:

    i really like the z10 design alot way better than the s3 s3 is cheap looking… i have the iphone 5 but man the z10 looks nice, os sucks tho

  12. CoolMan1999xx says:

    why did they make this video obviously s3 wins as android runs Linux and blackberry the old java os

  13. Radu Emancipatu says:

    s3 win

  14. MrRockyyydude says:


  15. Mikey Cruz says:

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  16. sm2049 says:

    It’s about time Blackberry! Finally, a phone and OS that is actually 2 years behind than 5. I am a Network/Sys admin and saw first hand the downfall of Blackberry. From 7-10 minute boot times, BES Licenses/BIS services (And 2/10 phones having carrier provisioning issues), Storm and Storm 2 hardware mute issues (Look, the screen clicks wooooo!). Out of 25 clients that used BES, all but 2 completely dropped it even after BB gave you 25 licenses with express and CAL’s were fucking expensive.

  17. s27945 says:


  18. Nurr0 says:

    Going off just megapixels though, a lot of Android cameras (even rear) should be better than those on the iPhones. But the actual image quality is… questionable in real world situations.

    Not hating, love Android, handset manufacturers just need to step up their game with photography.

  19. Robert Aga says:

    Bro.. BRO!! …bro, BRO! Do you even sideload??? Do you!? One does not simply Android and not sideload.

  20. TheJdecka says:

    I knew some dick head was going to mention Apple when this is about blackberry vs samsung….Congrats dude! You’re a Tool!!!

  21. garbiis vybz says:

    We all know the android is the better phone overall. Heck I’m a BBfanboy and even I admit it. But no one buys a BB to posses a smartphone with better features, One rather owns it because of the durability and the unique classy style; alongside the boss feeling that makes you look like you’re doing something important every time you flip that badboy out. There’s swag that comes with owning a blackberry. Are you up for it?

  22. MrFallen1ne says:

    my lord if people only were as intelligent as they think they are this world would be a lot better. Android is where it’s at my only gripe with google is the lack if flash support on 4.1 jelly bean the only reason I haven’t updated from ics to it. other than that there really isn’t anything i can’t do with my phone well besides run ipa’s, .exe’s so on so forth. fyi my phone is an outdated sgsx2 out dated by two years and still out doing most of the new phones being released.

  23. Michael J says:

    Totally dig your Gunnar glasses! 

  24. SthlmHenrik says:

    Ehehhehehehehe oh man this is so funny. Not.

  25. 4cFutureStudios says:

    Samsung seems to be extremely careful on not breaking any copyrights, and I guess that extra precaution never hurt anyone. The commercial is hilarious, and good luck with the next Galaxy smartphone.

  26. franknight says:

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  27. Cori Mars says:


  28. benchekroun adyb says:


  29. Sty Willard says:

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  30. s27945 says:


  31. j97n75 says:

    Took me a little bit to realize that they were making fun of Apple.

  32. KantSpelGud says:



  33. joy harris says:


  34. ubersum1 says:

    ronmey. ron. mey. retard

  35. Alexander Kiser says:

    You still haven’t given me one thing he has invented.

  36. Guy Fawkes says:

    Something tells me you were a lazy student.
    Not into the scholastic hunt then?
    Jobs is listed as the primary inventor or co-inventor on 338 patents.
    Instead of spending time trying to hate this obvious genius, so some homework and investigation. You will come to appreciate his vast contributions to the world we all live in.
    Or just be an ignorant hater. Educated people will think you’re a buffoon, especially those who have spent longer than 15 min in the tech world.

  37. Alexander Kiser says:

    Okay,name one thing he invented.

  38. Guy Fawkes says:

    Come on, mate. In the tech community this has become a laughable debate but is tiresome at best.
    DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I even supplied a few of the many sites which can perhaps help in answering this fundamentally ridiculous question.

  39. Dominic Fernandez says:

    wait. Jobs was an inventor? tell me again what he INVENTED?

  40. KanagJ says:

    this is gold!

  41. Robert Greenwood says:

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  42. Mitt Ronmey says:

    I agree Scamsung is superior in its new line of fancy targets for my 9mm Beretta. PS do u evn lft fagt

  43. franknight says:

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  44. Guy Fawkes says:

    Funny. Not smart, but funny. Educate yourself on the matter.
    People who would disagree with you and say Jobs not only WAS an inventor, but perhaps the greatest mind since Edison can be found at mit.edu (MIT are no tech slouches); inventor.com; pcmag did some excellent pieces; nextweb.com etc ad infinitum. Research the information. This man truly was a genius, and I use that word quite sparingly. Yes, he was an inventor.

  45. Alexander Kiser says:

    He’s not an inventor.

  46. Guy Fawkes says:

    Apple won a $1.2B judgement in America, in Japan Apple only sought $1.5M which is nothing; it was looking to merely make a statement of finding, which the Japanese courts dismissed. Samsung won nothing. Even so, iPhone is num 1 in Japan. Samsung? Num 5.

  47. Guy Fawkes says:

    It is what it is, mate.

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