BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS 2.0 Walk-through


This video features key features of the PlayBook OS 2.0 Platform as an actress walks through environments where she can use her PlayBook to get the most out of every moment.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. kyokeun says:

    Also most of people who wants tablet looks for iPad or Android tablet. Blackberry made good tablet, but they didn’t “wow” us enough to buy them instead of iPad

  2. geishathor says:

    well.. if you like it..
    do you know 87 percent of the tablet users worldwide are men.. if it was aimed for the ladies, i guess it was a wrong move.. and they paid for it..
    you know blackberry sales went down to loss of $125 million in Q4 this year from over $900 million profit from the same Quarter of last year..

  3. gagatai says:

    Playbook market aim right on Office Lady. I don’t think would like to carry a 10in walking around in their hand bag. Actually Playbook for women it’s a perfect size, maybe a bit too small for man though.

  4. TheJoey3590 says:

    If playbook was a bit bigger ;(

  5. ckrulezg says:

    im soo much impressed 🙂

  6. vaughanweather says:

    Too bad RIM can’t seem to lure in developers or offer more diverse playbook models. I do like the look of 2.0 but without the app diversity I see in other app stores or markets I’m a little skeptical.

    I would certainly like to do more than just look at spreadsheets and emails. Furthermore cross device bluetooth compatibility would be great for using any phone as a remote control or file sync tool without an actual OPP transfer

  7. ali10709 says:

    PlayBook alone great but PlayBook +smartphone great

  8. andresc123 says:

    that was the MOST ethnically diverse commercial ive ever seen

  9. 3mar131 says:

    Today my playbook come from america so e

  10. geishathor says:

    7 inch for a tablet.. not my style..
    10 inch is a must !

  11. Afroxec says:

    Sold my ipad for this! I am very happy

  12. eppilih1 says:

    the best BBM!!

  13. skichump1986 says:

    It is impressive but new ipad can be used as a hotplate or alternative to a hot water bottle if you use it for a few hours….that’s hard to beat but than if pay 2 1/2 X the money you should get one extra feature.

  14. Rabisca89 says:

    Get a Blackberry Playbook(TM) ::::::::> BlackBerry,WazeP,com(replace , with . ) Enjoy

  15. jclandero23 says:

    Lisa Sampson? Really? xD

  16. live4berry says:

    1 person is steve jobs

  17. lilmario0 says:

    she looks uncomfortable ….that walk

  18. remolat says:

    @vovime ow

  19. remolat says:


  20. ThePlyrDan says:

    She walks so stiff. Haha!

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