At&t Buys T-mobile Service Provider


Huge announcement you guys At&t has just bought T mobile service provider this is huge news guys please enjoy this video
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. MrGdude13 says:

    If this is really happening I would LOVE IT if some one could go to my channel and help me figure out how to get one of the older sidekicks cause I love those and I really want one so someone please help me figure this out!

  2. strappedup24 says:

    @MrRainbowNinjas There is an way to actually get around this.

  3. Angelleo76 says:

    Good to know thanks

  4. L0G4NHTC says:

    @poetryrb Nothing is going to happen . T-mobile users are going to be able to keep there plan AND run on AT&T network .

  5. L0G4NHTC says:

    @Angelleo76 Dont be sad , its a good thing for you . As you prob left att for monny reasons right ? Well att is going to let you keep your curent plan AND let your phone run on there network . Its a win win be happy .

  6. L0G4NHTC says:

    @Username42100  AT&T has said they will respct your plan and let you keep it .

  7. L0G4NHTC says:

    @iappreviewer1995 You gota pay for what you get .

  8. iappreviewer1995 says:

    t-mobile SUCKS, the only thing i like about t-mobile is there plans. but there coverage is terrible. at&t is the bomb in the coverage, but there plans and prices are TOO high. lol Dx

  9. Username42100 says:

    I hope that my tmobile plan stays cheap, cause I’m not switching to cdma

  10. Username42100 says:

    I hope that my tmobile plan stays cheap, cause I’m not switching to cdma

  11. YGth3maKK says:

    Tha SideKick 4G is tha shit….man wen do all ths go n2 affect

  12. myheartbelong2danz says:

    I agree with AnthonyCanales23 Verizon is MOST definetly blown!!! T-Mobile and AT&T merging was the greatest idea. I really think this is going to work out. DEUCES Verizon and Sprint!!!!

  13. AnthonyCanales23 says:

    YES! cuz now ima get the SIDEKICK 4G lol

  14. JESUSFREAK46939 says:

    they just delivered verizon their biggest blow. thats it for them lol. at&t mobile? ok cool.

  15. syqadelic says:

    @poetryrb WTF what you say makes no sense if they did have bad service now they have t mobiles towers and can broadcast more abroad since t-mobile has the LARGEST if u cant afford AT&T what makes u think you can afford Verizon there is little to no difference at all so shut up

  16. poetryrb says:

    T-Mobile was praised for it’s customer service and low prices. What is gonna happen to T-Mobile users who cannot afford the AT&T prices and don’t want to deal with their poor customer service? This is a monopolization of the market. There is NOTHING good about this. This is coming form someone who switched from Cingular after they sold out. I might just switch to Verizon after all this bullsh*it.

  17. TheOSCARNYR says:

    I am a tmobile customer, the truth that this news surprised me a lot. att is excellent company, I hope to respect the contract and continue with att.
    att is now the largest
    1 ATT
    3 SPRINT

  18. bigestl says:

    NO they said that tmobile customers will not hove the i phone the only thing thats happening is that at and t will be using tmobile network but tmobile will function as is

  19. svsr20082009 says:

    alltel is the 4th cell company remember every1 4got alltel now

  20. svsr20082009 says:

    u 4got alltel dude

  21. theadore32 says:


  22. theadore32 says:

    There’s no more t-mobile att bought tmobile towers. there phones and tmobile customers. Which you have a choice stay will a phone you don’t like or leave. I DON’T SEE ANY GOODS NEWS IN THAT FOR TMOBILE CUSTOMERS AT ALL. I WISH IT WAS GOOD NEWS ON BOTH SIDES BUT ITS NOT AT ALL WHICH I THINK IS REALLY SUCKS

  23. Angelleo76 says:

    I have mixed feelings about this because we wanted to get away from AT&T and go back to T-mobile! So…that’s kind of ironic. But we’ll see how it goes.

  24. KenxHundreds88 says:

    This guy is incredibly wrong.

  25. UncleMiyn says:

    Ronnie to the rescue.

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