Android problem ! “Application is not installed in your Mobile”?


Question by : Android problem ! “Application is not installed in your Mobile”?
hi guys suddenly today when i was clicking on Android Market a dialog box comes and says “Application is not installed in your Mobile” i dono wat happend ? pls android guys help me im using Gingerbread 2.3.4 and mobile is LG Optimus Black !

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Answer by Benjamin
That happens to me if the phone is loading.

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  1. Winston says:

    Because it has been updated. Android Market no longer exists. It’s now called Google Play. Go to the app drawer (the menu with all your apps) and find Play Store. That’s the new Android Market. If you turn off your phone and then back on, the old Android Market will be completely gone and you will only see the new one. Just open Play Store from now on. The icon is a bag with a play button.

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