Android EMEA Office Hours (May 23, 2012)


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Full Galaxy Nexus Review: Now that we’ve had a few days to dig into the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, what aa few of the more notable changes that we’ve found? More Galaxy Nexus Articles and videos:

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  1. Imhotep BAKHOUM says:

    It were Great, Good Jobs Guys !!!

  2. JackMayerz says:

    You guys are awesome for doing these hangouts!
    I hope I’ll join in soon.

  3. liudvix12 says:

    ‘Android Office Hours’ in toilet

  4. twtwwei says:

    The man with glasses looks like Steve Jobs.

  5. myaccount1234556789 says:


  6. TheManMetal says:


  7. jeffrey950310 says:


  8. TheTobias250 says:

    hello 😀

  9. 0dtal says:

    what about jelly bean? give us something!

  10. Lee Jarratt says:

    Shame you can’t talk about the upcoming update to Google+ for Android..

  11. emailahmedkamal says:

    where do we send them questions?

  12. DonBlueDragon says:

    hey i have an Q i wanna buy the sidekick 4g but im in europe i have to import one from the USA how they will work here ? because in europe doesnt exist 4G only 3G

  13. DonBlueDragon says:

    i like this stream 😀

  14. QuirijnGB says:

    Thanks for the echo fix

  15. QuirijnGB says:

    Theres an annoying echo :/

  16. Imhotep BAKHOUM says:

    I just wanna Congratulated Pieter for his Great presentation on GSénégal. And Nice Tee Shirt !!!

  17. xPhylem says:

    coo :D

  18. TheMobilsitedanmark2 says:


  19. bnp97 says:


  20. Kwakobo says:

    @pocketnowvideo i could be totally wrong, but based on its name, i think it deals with Ad Hoc networks for connectivity.

  21. codethis says:

    Adblock on Firefox = no more stupid Youtube commercials.


  22. codethis says:

    Why does everyone have such a hard on for ICS? It’s a OS. Big deal. It’s all about the APP’s people.

  23. dkdavid721 says:

    adblock is your friend

  24. JoostyBoy says:

    At his job they lunch for a whole hour! =O

  25. sajad000 says:

    Every Fucking Video Has 30 sec Commercials Now FML!!!

  26. hadi257 says:

    Why do you say so?

  27. HorrorAngel666 says:

    Kinda stupid to say they arent scanning your face and storing biometrics, because they admit to using voice recordings and are pretty criminal.

  28. ninadketkale1 says:

    its sooooooo cooool

  29. Lazerkid14 says:

    It’s so stupid how half the video is on the lock screen… We get it! You have face unlock now…

  30. Murderfell says:

    In the personal settings somewhere

  31. Stephanie Panelo says:


  32. Xaahu Yazeed says:

    At least you’ve got cool hair 😀

  33. sriabyfps says:

    it’s just you man, just you…

  34. MeecoHernandez says:

    lmao somebody is a hardass! watch out now.

  35. IEatCalcium says:

    This screen is soooo amazing. The blacks are SOOO deep that you can’t tell the screen from the face. I love it. I also love the feeling of the Gorilla Glass on the screen. It’s the best-feeling glass you could possible put on a phone.

  36. songyj63 says:

    You guys!! Try this Brilliant App!!! You can create your own gesture and open any application or internet page or phone setting. It’s really useful
    search ‘my gesture’ in android market

  37. Tirykrocks2 says:

    dang… im sorry i was just trollin’ you dont have to get mad

  38. sriabyfps says:

    hey, ididot, actually u can get the fucking access anyway, as it has an alternative unlock. Thus, if the face unlock doesn’t see ur face for few seconds – you can then enter this “pattern” or pin, or password – whatever. don’t blame what you don’t know! the access to the phone exists all the time.

  39. SILLENforfan says:

    Is it just me or does it look really laggy?

  40. coreyburns84 says:

    The galaxy nexus isn’t that great but the razr is the bomb if it had ice cream sandwich then its a wrap the razr is better by far

  41. Tirykrocks2 says:

    face lock SUCKS…
    one day ur perfectly fine and you set that as ur face unlock
    the next day you get herpies on ur lips or supreme acne and can never access ur phone..

  42. hoboturkey777 says:

    it actually looks really laggy…

  43. nikkilskiper says:


  44. SuperMcbatman says:

    Nice to see such a major difference in 4.0 compared to 2.33. Can’t wait to give it a go 😀

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