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The android market can be a scary place. So many android applications to choose from! I’ve been testing out android apps since the very first droid came out and here are my top 10 picks. || Join the chat: ||
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Retardedtuts says:


  2. Retardedtuts says:


  3. 2012USB says:

    hey make bether apps for android tv box and make android for PC and you are good to go !!!! ANDROID IS THE BEST

  4. onilokomg says:

    So basically a snap feature?

  5. MR0Azo0oz says:

    سلام عليكمَ :

  6. Dana Davis says:

    Kandy Kane

  7. Dana Davis says:

    Key lime pie?

  8. XxBCOLAxX says:


  9. khff9 says:

    Running Key Lime Pie?

  10. niqpw says:

    Hey, what about amazon buzz!

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  12. iguinholuis71 says:


  13. giozone14 says:

    😛 Boobs

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  16. skizzarz says:

    You’re getting into my head.

  17. 22biglarge says:


  18. Angel Guzmán says:

    Perfectly Clear, Photos.
    Swiftkey 3, Keyboard.

  19. theprofessor671 says:

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  20. Daman Bahner says:

    Current Caller ID, Uniqlo Wake Up, Kik Messenger

  21. Cr0loGiCc says:

    none of those apps are usefull.. i just wasted 7 mintues of my life.. delete channel pls

  22. YOYO30STM says:

    y does ppl take everything so seriously ? I should write “I’m kidding” with every comment i post -_-

  23. MiserableSht says:

    good for you

  24. MiserableSht says:


  25. DieOrYouWillDie says:

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  26. cost2204 says:

    Well done even if almost all of these apps are orrible!!

  27. YOYO30STM says:

    3:20 I finally got a look at “THEM” O_O 😉

  28. 1nTr4nceW3Tru5t says:

    Okay how many clicked on this because of the chick?

  29. Choutz3 says:

    Go sms beats all sms apps

  30. TheJoanneAndre says:

    Aaaaaaah I downloaded pulse before I watched this video o.O

  31. Owen Duke says:

    I love how the video is called “10 best android apps” but when they show the example they use an iphone

  32. jmusician17jt says:

    It sidnt work gomego

  33. Gomego87 says:

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  34. TheThegame123 says:

    try downloading gesture search too!!

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