Android 4.4 KitKat hands-on


Dann Berg walks us through Google’s newest version of Android, 4.4 KitKat. It includes a multitude of new features including improved speech recognition, a r…
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Little known facts about Android that make it incredibly awesome. 5: Android’s Origins (0:21) 4: Android’s Bailout (1:04) 3: Android User Demographics (2:06)…

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  1. Aerosheet says:

    The only reason why the Note 3, the Galaxy S3, and the HTC One are laggy, is because of all the bloatware on their OS. Pure stock Android runs a load smoother…

  2. Aerosheet says:

    LOL, and I can’t believe Apple fanboys like you exist, still thinking in terms of looks only.

  3. lesorax123 says:

    The Verge, sponsored by apple and Samsung.

  4. Charlie Ramos says:

    New icons and google now home screen. Id argue its a better improvement than ios 7 lol

  5. anurag sharma says:

    it has always been this way… whole VERGE is apples investment!!!

  6. NeaL SeN says:

    People like u dont deserve phones. -_-

  7. KingCharlesVI says:

    hey idiot… we can change the messenger app with one click. Stop freaking out. Android is still a Linux device.

  8. Pete Thompson says:

    When did the Verge become Apple fanbois?

  9. Anthony Spanier says:

    and to add full hd displays (no downsizing videos to the 640p display),then there’s bigger batteries.with all these pluses the only true reason to get iphone is if you’re a person that wants a oversimplified smartphone.even then, anyone can learn how to use either OS if they just use it enough, neither OS is difficult to use.there is absolutely no reason in my mind for iphone to be the same price as other flagships. while i dislike iphone i see nothing against using it i just dont see the appeal

  10. Anthony Spanier says:

    that’s the thing though, iphone 5s specs = GS2. both OSs have the same fluidity. Android give you choice in customization, screen size, and even custom ROMs if you choose to do so. you cant get viruses on either (unless you’re completely retarded). the play store has emulators and other awesome apps that apple wont allow in their app store. android is at the very least just as good as iphone but mostly better in the aspects listed and yet iphone is the same price as current android flagships

  11. Duong Pham says:

    and BTW, you didn’t answer my question. So, good time with evading.

  12. Duong Pham says:

    LOL and I can’t believe Android fanboys like you exist. Still thinking in terms of specs only.

  13. Duong Pham says:

    on iPad 4 though (and 1st Mini) iOS 7 is really laggy, but there might be a fix coming with 7.1, usually Apple fixes problems after sometime.

  14. Duong Pham says:

    “LOL!” iPhone 5 (older version) is by no means laggy. Dual core, still one of the top speed. Different OS, dah.. Apple exaggerate description, yes, agree with that, but not always. I was trying out Galaxy S3 and HTC One when they came out: both laggy, my dad own a Note 2: laggy as shit, my mom’s Xperia (don’t remember version)” still laggy. Even in this video it’s still laggy (personally I can’t stand laggy scrolling, but Nexus 5 has by far looking OS, and hardware)

  15. xilefx says:

    lol whats wrong with you. he said that the design hasn’t changed so dramatically with 4.4 than it does from iOS 6 to 7. How is that in any way good or bad for android?

  16. xilefx says:

    not surprised your comment is downrated. I also own iOS and android devices and I am the exact same opinion. These people here are like 8 years old, hating each others like who got the best toys. I think you just have to mention iOS in a video to be a “apple fanboy”

  17. xilefx says:

    lol what the hell is wrong with this people – how is this a “apple fanboy” review – It was quite good. too short, but good.

  18. xilefx says:

    thats a software reveiew. there is no 1080 screen and outdoor

  19. Tanner Clem says:

    You’re so gay

  20. Tanner Clem says:

    Except every single phone is rootable and everyone makes aosp roms? Are you dumb

  21. Aerosheet says:

    LOL! I can’t believe fanboys like you still fall for Apple’s high prices, exaggerated descriptions, and slow devices. Did you know the iPhone 5S still has a dual-core processor? Guess what, if you think Android is laggy, you should compare it to how nauseating iOS 7’s lag and motion animations are…

  22. Vosbraka says:

    Oh, google replaced the messeger app. Hey guys, guess what this means? No more support for the default messenger APP and the AOSP version is going to rot.

    Google is incresingly becoming like apple and is extinguishing AOSP bit by bit. Fuck you google.

  23. ModelAirports says:

    It’s because he skimmed the surface. This is definitely not thorough enough to be a hands-on! It’s more of a quick glance.

  24. ModelAirports says:

    Ya ibn el kelb.

  25. cody morand says:

    you didn’t really tell us anything…. all you talked about was hangouts and the contacts? spend 3 more min and talk about the phone. waste of my time.
    how about battery life? how that crisp 1080 screen looks indoor and outside in the sun etc. some real world usage.

  26. Josh VFX Productions says:

    Im 12 and I love adroid

  27. Sky Brown says:

    im an 8 year old kid

  28. Md Nazmul Haque says:

    I read most of the replies on here. I believe that it’s a reasonable vid. My cousin just wishes to get astonishing with gals. He studied a shit load from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The help and advice with regards to seducing women through clubs from Master Attraction got him his very first fucks in about 2 years. I’ve been pissed however seeing that I heard them all. Grrrr.

  29. Matt P says:

    Actually the plural for genius is genii..

  30. Soph Marie says:

    Saying that Android is for people who can’t afford an Apple device is just idiotic. I in fact, have enough income to buy any Apple product available, I just don’t like the style of Apple. It depends on taste, not income. Also, some Android phones are actually more expensive than an Apple phone. Can you guys please think before you talk, bastards.

  31. TheAppletear says:

    No, he didn’t. He meant to say genius in plural, which is geniuses…

  32. Thomas Wilson says:

    Z will be zebra cake hopefully, by then we will have a desktop android os that will perfectly sync up with your phone and tablet much like ubuntu has been doing

  33. Abraham Wexler says:

    you spelled genius wrong! HaHA

  34. 12stiggy12 says:

    if apple put and iphone satellite into space the world would be constantly spyed on by apple

  35. chikolova ova says:

    it’s not astro and bender it’s apple pie and bananas split.

  36. Abeed Mohaimin says:

    Android is for people who can’t afford an apple device :v

  37. MrMtube87 says:

    where did you got this tshirt from?? i like android stuff..

  38. xRarestName says:

    The comments here are amazingly aggressive.

  39. 〉My Face When says:

    True, women tend to swim along the mainstream and buy iPhones to blend in with the masses. But it’s a good thing because we highly developed highlights of nature get to have Android for our own.

  40. xXMntisDewXx says:


  41. reena devi says:

    I read some of the posts on here. I think that that’s a good quality movie clip. My brother wants to get excellent with women. He uncovered a lot from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The help concerned with picking up women in clubs from Master Attraction got him his very first bedroom encounters in 3 long years. I was really irritated however coz I heard them all.

  42. Ser Garlan Tyrell says:

    I want 9 missiles on my HTC One!

  43. Nathaniel Yang says:

    lol lemon cake

  44. TopRameen13 says:

    the K has been announced…its KitKat! And apparently if you buy actual KitKat you have a chance of winning a nexus 7.

  45. Ralph Chan says:

    that’s right 🙂

  46. Royce Barber says:

    Like if Android KitKat will be the one OS to rule them all.

  47. ultimatemanan97 says:

    Excuse me!!, WTF u talkin bout iFag!! Android wouldn’t have been so gr8 without your shitty fagOS, well get your facts straight troll.Android development started about the same time the fagPhone development had started, And apple did not do shit to make android better. And, if you are saying that android only developed due to competition from apple then please see that Google had already invested in android to make it better even before apple had made fags like you!! So please GTFO and ESAD!!!

  48. RKO6192 says:

    But they treat him, her, it? like their own ( except they still don’t know the gender)

  49. TheFunChannel101 says:

    z- zest orange cake

  50. J Ryan says:

    I’m a lazy person and I use Android (for now at least)

    There can be awesome lazy people. :p

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